Sunday, March 15, 2009

Helsinki Ink

Helsinki Ink tattoo show was held this weekend. These posters were drawn by 3 tattoo artists and were being auctioned. Biddings started from 20€. I'm not sure how much they were sold for in the end.


Anonymous said...

hei sisko, why r the pics so blur??

HP notebook battery said...

This is great, I really wanted to go to the Helsinki Ink Tattoo show. My cousin went and said it was absolutely stunning.

She failed to bring back pictures for me so i am browsing around looking for some. Would you happen to have some more that you could post?

I really love this picture you have up. I would love to know how much they sold for in the end, that would be neat.

Thank you for posting this its been really great!


kaa said...

Sorry, I didn't take any other pictures other than this and the artists painting these posters. Was too busy looking around.